Tapestry Restaurant: Dim Sum Grand Opening

Execute a Facebook Chatbot campaign for the client’s Dim Sum grand opening that would increase social/physical presence and drive business to their store front. 

Case Study:
Tapestry Restaurant is an Asian Fusion restaurant in St. Paul, MN. Our goal was to increase awareness of the event and drive traffic to the restaurant.

Our target audience was based upon insights from the restaurant's Facebook and Instagram pages, people within a 15 mile radius of the restaurant and people interested in Asian cuisine.

Our execution plan:
- We decided to run a Facebook Messenger Chatbot campaign to give a 15% discount to potential customers for commenting on post.
- Created a video to add on top of Facebook Messenger campaign that displayed how the Dim Sum is made. (Watch above).
- All of this was executed within a week time frame.

Facebook Campaign Results:
People reached: 38K+ and counting
Post Clicks: 2,231+ and counting
Video views: 10K views and counting
Post engagement:
149+ Likes and counting
312+ comments and counting
50+ Shares

Final Result:

Client surpassed target goal of sales and restaurant reached beyond max capacity throughout the grand opening weekend. So much so, the restaurant ran out of food.

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