Sota Hot and Cold Grand Opening: Case Study


Execute a Facebook/Instagram marketing campaign for the client’s grand opening that would increase social/physical presence and drive business to their store front.  

Case Study:

Sota Hot and Cold is a Thai Ice Cream Rolls shop in St. Paul Minnesota. To increase awareness of the client we had to understand where the customers were and who they were.

We used the client’s Facebook and Instagram insights to ensure we knew who was already interested in our client’s brand.

We found out that:

-         Women that were 24-35 years old were the most engaged

-         Videos of product being made intrigued followers the most

-         Current followers’ interests for us to target

With this information, we were able to conduct an execution plan.

Our execution plan:

-         Run Facebook video ads around the Twin Cities that targeted current followers’ interests and demographics

-         Run Facebook video ads around Twin Cities that targeted Ice Cream, big name ice cream brands, and current follower demographics

-         Invite food influencers on Instagram to test the product and share their opinion with their audience.

-         Invite local pro sports players and celebrities for customers and fans to meet.

-         Create a video explaining client’s story.

All of this was executed within a two-week timeframe.

The results of these actions were:

Facebook Event Page and Ads:

- 48k event impressions, 6.3k event views, 1.8k event responses

-   3,200+ new page likes

Instagram Influencer Campaign:

Invited nine local food influencers combining for over an audience of 100K followers

- Resulting in gained 2,500+ followers

Facebook/Instagram Video sharing client’s story

View it here: Sota Hot and Cold's Story

- FB: 70k+ reach, 30K+ views

- FB: 243 shares, 962 likes, 142 comments

- IG: 2,418 Impressions, 1,039 views, 127 likes

Invited local professional sports teams

- Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Rodney Adams and Punter Taylor Symmak attended.

- Featured on Rodney Adam’s Vlog that has over 2900+ views

- View it here: Vlog

- Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers were able to attend and engage with fans.

Final Result:

Client surpassed target goal of sales and store front reached beyond max capacity throughout the grand opening weekend.

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