Bonicelli Kitchen: Build Brand and Generate Traffic




Execute a Instagram marketing campaign for the client’s restaurant that would increase social/physical presence and drive business to their store front.  

Case Study:

Bonicelli Kitchen is a made from scratch restaurant in NE Minneapolis, MN.

We used the client’s Facebook and Instagram insights to ensure we knew who was already interested in our client’s brand.

We found out that:

-         Women that were 25-55 years old were the most engaged

-         Customers saw the restaurant as an Italian restaurant and not a made from scratch restaurant.

With this information, we were able to conduct an execution plan.

Our execution plan:

-         Invite food influencers on Instagram to test the product and share their opinion with their audience.

-         Create a video explaining client’s story.

The results of these actions were:

Instagram Influencer Campaign:

Invited local food influencers combining for over an audience of 100K followers
- Featured on Eater, and local food media pages.

Final Result:

- Client gained 500+ followers
- Client had biggest weekend in sales since opening 1 year earlier.

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