Adam Yang For Judge 

Execute a Social Media Campaign for client’s Judicial campaign. Goal was to increase brand awareness and understanding to the people of Ramsey County, MN.

Case Study:
“Adam Yang for Judge” is a candidate who was running for Ramsey County’s Judge Seat #11. To increase awareness of the client, we had to understand where and who voters are.

We used Facebook’s insights to figure out the demographics of the people of Ramsey County, how many people in each town there were and what they were interested in.

We found out that:
- People wanted more information on who Adam Yang is.
- We could target each town and the people that lived there directly.
- 490,000 out of 547,974 people of Ramsey County could be reached on Facebook and Instagram

Our Execution Plan:

The biggest thing that we found to do well is storytelling. Stories are what sells. So, we wanted to focus on two types of content to get Adam Yang for Judge’s story across.

We created five Large videos to let the people of Ramsey County know who Adam Yang is and what he stands for. View them down below or above.

Adam’s Values:
Adam at Partners Realty’s Unveiling:
Adnan for Adam Yang:
Carl and Kelley for Adam Yang:
What Adam Yang Stands for:

Not only did we create large pieces of content, but also short contextual content based on location of voters in each town. View below.

Our team also created many graphic design pieces to distribute on Facebook and Instagram with quotes Adam has said.

With all this content, we ran Facebook Advertisements behind them based on location of voters, political views/interests and even interests in local sport teams.

Facebook Advertisements:
- 137, 711 people reached
- 607,060 Ad Impressions
- 68.9K Video Ad Views
- 13,865 Clicks
- 30.2K website visits

Final Result:

Adam Yang is now the Judge elect for Ramsey County Seat #11.

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